New Original Qlogic QLE2672
QLogic 16Gbps Dual-Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter, PCIe Gen3 x4, SR LC Multi-Mode Optic
Condition: Brand New Factory Sealed
Warranty: 3-Year
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The QLogic 2670 Series Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters have the unique capability of transforming from a 16Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter to a 10GbE Converged Network Adapter that supports NIC, FCoE, and iSCSI traffic. Based on QLogic’s I/OFlex technology, the adapter’s flexibility simplifies and reduces cost for customers who want to deploy a Fibre Channel SAN today and migrate to an Ethernet SAN in the future. In addition, support for powerful virtualization features make this adapter ideal for virtualized environments that need excellent I/O performance to service growing numbers of virtual machines (VMs).

  •     16Gbps Fibre Channel per port maximum throughput for high bandwidth storage area network (SAN) traffic
  •     Over 1.2 million IOPS reduce latency in high transaction intensive applications and virtualized environments
  •     High availability, port isolation architecture for 100% predictable, deterministic & scalable performance
  •     Decreased power and cooling costs by using the fewest PCI Express lanes in PCIe Gen3 environments
  •     Overlapping protection domains (OPD) to ensure a high level of reliability as data moves to and from the PCI bus and Fibre Channel network
  •     Superior port protection with unique “Port-Isolation” architecture for the highest reliability and scalability
  •     Two times better than 8Gb Fibre Channel for OLTP & 35% better in data warehousing environments
  •     Reliability, availability, and scalability with I/OFlex future-proof design enabling conversion to a 10GbE Converged Network Adapter

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QLogic 16Gbps Dual-Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter, PCIe Gen3 x4, SR LC Multi-Mode Optic

  • Manufacturer: Qlogic
  • Part Number: QLE2672
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Brand New, Factory Sealed
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • $1,550.00

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